Banners & Flags

Banners are a great way to advertise. They are low cost and very durable. Banners can last up to 7 years outside depending on the material and colors used. You can have your banner printed or decaled. Printed banners allow you to add any image on the banner, and give you the greatest flexibility when it comes to design. Decaled banners are great for durability. Decaled banners don't fade like printed banners because they are made from vinyl like the vinyl letters we use on windows or cars.

Indoor vs. Outdoor
Indoor Banners Material is used when the banner comes under minimal stress from the elements. You would also use it when you are not planning on keeping the banner for a long time, as the material is thinner thus providing a lower cost. Outdoor Banners are thicker than indoor banners. You would use this when the material would be subject to wind or other elements. These are great options for putting on fences, or for your main store front sign. Why spend thousands on an expensive store front sign, when you can spend a few hundreds and get similar effects.

There are also many accessories for banners. Most people like having grommets for easy hanging, although there are also banner weights, banner stands, banner poles and many others.